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Apple Watch Repair Services

We fix broken or damaged Apple Watches, Apple Watch generations ideally need to be replaced with genuine Apple parts. We only use genuine Apple parts and can deal with most minor problems in store.


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Looking for Apple Certified repairs of your Apple Watch in Gainesville, Ocala or North Florida?

All Apple Watches come with a one-year, limited warranty that covers your product and Apple-branded accessories that came with the device. This does not cover accidental damage, third-party modifications, or software issues.

AppleCare+ coverage can be purchased to cover your device for a total of three years from purchase date.

Apple Watch common problems that we repair for you:

If your Apple Watch doesn’t wake when you raise your wrist, make sure you selected the proper wrist and watch orientation. If your Apple Watch doesn’t wake when you tap the display or press or turn the Digital Crown, it may need charging. Still need help, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

f you read your text messages on your iPhone, but your Apple Watch says they’re unread, restart your devices and check the results. Additionally, disable iMessage, and have an Android user send an SMS to you. If the problem persists, disable and re-enable “Mirror my iPhone” on your Apple Watch app. Still need help, schedule an appointment.

Force Restart Your Apple Devices to fix no iPhone connection error. Still need help, schedule an appointment today. 

If your Apple Watch’s Digital Crown is unresponsive, first restart your device. Then update your watch and iPhone to the latest OS version. Still need help, schedule an appointment today.

To check your connection, swipe up on the watch face to open Control Center. If your devices are disconnected, you might see the red iPhone icon , the red X icon , or the Wi-Fi icon . Try to connect your iPhone and Apple Watch. Still need help, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

On your iPhone, tap Watch > My Watch > Cellular > Cellular Data Usage to check your overall data usage. Remove and re-add your cellular plan. Try removing and re-adding your cellular plan. Still need help, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Check that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on your iPhone: It may help to toggle Bluetooth off and on again on your iPhone (Settings > Bluetooth). Check that Airplane Mode is not enabled on your watch: When viewing the time on your watch, swipe up on the watch face > swipe left / right to the Settings Glance. Still need help, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Newer Apple Watches are rated for up to 18 hours of battery life. If your Apple Watch battery is depleting faster than this, it’s probably because your iPhone is eating up battery life or their may be an app constantly running in the background. Still need help, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

First off, make sure that fitness tracking is turned on for your Apple Watch. To do this, launch the Watch app on your iPhone and head over to Privacy. Here, ensure that the toggle next to ‘Fitness Tracking’ is enabled. Still have issues, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Trouble sending messages from your Apple Watch? First up, make sure you have signed in with your Apple ID on your Apple Watch. In the Watch app on your iPhone, go to ‘General -> Apple ID‘ and check if you’re signed in with your Apple ID or not.

  1. Go to Settings -> Messages. Turn off the iMessage toggle.
  2. Now, turn the iMessage toggle back on.

Still need help, contact us to schedule an appointment.

“Unable to install update” error when trying to update the software on the Apple Watch.

  • Ensure that your Apple Watch is at least 50% charged.
  • Make sure to connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network. As the update requires a strong internet connection, make sure the connection is stable.
  • Make sure to keep your iPhone next to the Apple Watch.
  • Ensure that the Apple Watch is connected to the charger properly.
  • If the problem persists, restart your Apple Watch. Press and hold the side button until the ‘Power Off’ slider appears. Then, drag the slider to turn off the watch. After that, turn it on again by pressing and holding the side button.

Still have issues, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

One of the most common Apple Watch errors users have complained about since its inception is the slow loading of apps. Three solutions have proved to be quite handy in fixing the slow loading of apps on the Apple Watch.

Force restart

Press and hold the side button and Digital Crown at once until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Delete All the Storage-Hogging Files

When the storage gets cluttered for space, the Apple Watch becomes rather sluggish.

Update the Software

Outdated software tends to create a lot of problems. Go to Settings app -> General -> Software Update.

Still need help, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

If your Apple Watch display has an issue that’s covered by the Apple Limited Warranty or consumer law, we can service your device at no cost. If you have AppleCare+, damaged glass is subject to a service fee. If you have no coverage, you will pay a higher out-of-warranty fee.

Schedule an appointment for repair. 

Make sure that the back of your Apple Watch and the magnetic charger are clean. on the watch face. If your Apple Watch still won’t charge, force it to restart. Press and hold both the side button and Digital Crown for at least 10 seconds, or until you see the Apple logo.

Still need help, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

The sensor is made up of two layers, glued together. These layers may separate when you open your watch, compromising its seal after reassembly. If this happens, you’ll need to repair or replace the sensor before reassembling your watch.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for repair. 

Apple Watches with broken or cracked back glass can be seldom repaired successfully. The best option is to seek support under the AppleCare extended warranty program or under the normal warranty program of Apple Watches.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

f your Apple Watch is stuck while pairing

After your watch restarts, firmly press the screen or press and hold the Digital Crown. Tap Reset. After your watch resets, you can pair it with your iPhone. Bring your iPhone near your watch, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Still need help, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

90 Day Warranty on Apple Watch Repairs

Whether you are still rocking the Original Apple Watch generation you’ll get a high-quality Apple Watch repair for the most reasonable price around at Everything Mac. We have the skills and expertise to tackle any Apple Watch repair.


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Apple Watch Repair

We know that when your Apple Watch  breaks you need a quick and easy Apple Watch repair, and you need a repair service that is fast, convenient and reliable. When you need a Apple Watch repair service, you need it done quickly and properly. You need Everything Mac.


Here is what you get when you bring your Apple Watch repair near me to Everything Mac:

Affordable Diagnostics

The first thing our skilled technicians do is perform a free diagnostic exam to determine exactly what is wrong with your Apple Watch. Once we have found the root of the problem, our technician will explain what is wrong and provide repair options, including cost and time estimates. If you choose to proceed, they will get started on your Apple Watch repair right away.

Expert Service

One thing you can be assured of with Everything Mac, your computer is in good hands. We have experience fixing everything from screens, crown, software updates, batteries and more. The technician will keep updated on the progress of your Apple Watch repair throughout the process. No matter what generation of Apple Watch you have or repair it needs, you can be assured your repair is being done quickly and professionally.

Get Your Apple Watch Fixed By Experts in Gainesville
Apple Repair Experts

Apple Watch repair in Gainesville is among the many services that we offer. Whether it’s a simple fix like a broken screen or battery removal, or something more complicated like some liquid damage, we can help. Our Apple Watch repair skills have been tried and tested over the years, and below is a list of services you might need to have done!

We offer free diagnostics and free estimates with all repairs. Feel free to fill out a quote form, give us a call, or bring your device in for Mac repair in Gainesville in so we can take a look at it and get you back to 100%.
The Apple Watch is a special type of watch, but it does have its own problems from time to time. In that sense, it’s just like every other watch! If you don’t see the service you need below, or you’re not sure what kind of service you might need, that’s okay!

That’s what we’re here for. All estimates are free, and we’ll double and triple check to make sure that the service we’re going to provide is the right service for your situation. If the price of repair is too high, no worries! All you’ll owe us is a smile when you take your Apple Watch to us for Apple repairs in Gainesville. 
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  • Watch Part Replacement
  • Watch Liquid Damage
  • Watch Software Issues
Device Display or Enclosure Damage All other damages including liquid damage
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